About exists for the purpose of establishing, developing and building a unique racial identity for the Eurasian/Hapa people, the only group in the world to lack such an identity. We currently host the Hapa language project and several other Hapa things. The site is currently ran by eurasianon (, /u/eurasianon (reddit),

Who are the Hapas?

The Hapas are the newest nation of the earth. "Hapa" is synonymous with "Eurasian", and refers to people of mixed European and East/Southeast Asian descent.

The Hapa Man's Plight

The greatest issue facing the Hapa People, to be described simply, is that we are a people who have no roots. We have no homeland, no culture, no heritage, and practically no true racial or ethnic identity. To put it simply, the Hapa man has practically nothing to call his own. The purpose of is to combat these issues with nationalism and pride, and the establishment of a monolithic Hapa identity, independent of that of the Whites and Asians.

Latest Article (11/15/16)

What the Asians really think of us Hapas

For long has the narrative regarding Hapas pushed by the establishment of /r/hapas, who claim in every respect to be infalliable proponents of our people and the our people's situation and condition, so eagerly pushed the Hapa into the same group as the Asians. They have always never hesitated to consider "Hapa" just a subset of "Asian", as if the two separate groups were not separate at all. This entire concept is supported, they say, by the Asian people being much more willing to accept us, and integrate us, as one of their own, than the White people. Is this claim true, or is it just a cover to deter the Hapa from seeking his own path, independent of both the Asians and the Whites?

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The Eurasian Language

!!! Major updates coming soon to Eurasian Grammar. Stay tuned. !!!

The Eurasian/Hapa language is a constructed language being developed by eurasianon. It's purpose is as an initiative for the foundation of a Hapa identity, the final solution to the plight of our people, which is the lack of a cultural and ethnic identity and heritage, which includes a native language.

Grammar pdf: link

Lexicon pdf: link


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