About me

I'm just a young Eurasian/Hapa male. I founded this site in April 2016 (back then it was called as of the Hapa wing of the up and coming new right, quickly rising in Europe and North America today. Unlike them, however, I seek to establish a Hapa identity, as compared to them who want to strengthen their White/European identity. Of course, our people and our situations are much different from theirs, but the fundamental principles of this New Right can be applied to both our people and their people. This site is meant to be the mouthpiece of a sentiment that I feel is quickly growing among Hapas worldwide, as the rise of nationalism and populism hits places across the world.

My politics

Politically, I consider myself unapologetically far-right. Of course, "far-right" can mean a lot of different things to different people and different groups, so here I will expand on that by stating my views on a variety of subjects.


Generally, I believe a free market system is better than a command economy/communist system.

For small businesses, I think that they should have as little regulations as possible and little taxing, for it is them who carry the local economies and cultures of local areas. For larger businesses, however, more government regulation should be implemented to ensure that the business is not harming the country or its people in any way. For example, a company that profits from selling pornography to the population and thus degrading their morality and values ought to be banned, for they are a threat to the people and profit from harming the people. Similarly, a company that sends jobs to foreign countries for cheaper labor should be punished for doing so, as their actions marginalize the nation's people in favor of profit. A general rule is that if companies should feel free to do as they please, as long as they are not harming the people in any way.

Certain industries, I think, because of their vitality to the country as a whole, should be nationalized by the government. For example, public transportation and energy, among others. These industries are so important to the country, that they should not exist to generate profit, but exist to serve the people.

Guns and weapons

I belive that people should be allowed to own guns or other weapons as they wish, so in America, this means support of the second ammendment.


I am strongly pro-life, and belive life begins at conception. I don't think women should have some kind of "insurance" for being irresponsible. Of course, it should only be invoked for cases of rape or cases in which the mother's life is in danger. In cases of abortion, the doctor who performs the abortion should be the one held responsible, and should face jail time and having his medical license revoked.


I am against homosexuality in its every form, including gay marriage, gay adoption or any other kind of gay association. Homosexuality is first and foremost a mental illness and should be treated by the society as such, not celebrated. Of course, many otherwise normal people have begun to take the label as it becomes a more "hip" and "in" thing to do, and an easy source of "oppression points". These demoralization of the population to descend into such sodomy is caused primarily by a fundamental shift in culture pushed by the media, the government and the academia, and can thus only truly be stopped at those levels, much how ending drug addiction issues can only be truly stopped by killing the drug lords.

Similarlly, Transexualism, too, is a mental illness that our society has embraced as something brave and worthy of celebration. Gender is not decided at birth, but before it. It is decided by which specific one of the father's sperm enters the mother's egg, therefore it cannot be falsified and people cannot be born the "wrong" gender - this argument just doesn't hold up biologically. Once again, it is a label many have taken as a result of a fundamental shift in our culture caused by the media, government and academia. As much as the transexuals want to think they can change their gender, nature and reality itself is not something that can just be "changed" through some grotesque medical procedure.

Man and Woman

I believe in fundamental differences between men and women, and do not buy the promises of "empowerment" offered to women by feminism. Feminism is an ideology that is against nature and feminimity. I believe in the natural role of the woman as the one in the family who raises and educates the children, and support the family on the home front, while the man earns income for the family at a job. However, I am not against women having a job or a profession, or going to university. I don't believe women should be allowed to serve in the military, and I think it is gross forsakement by a country of its women to have them fighting in the military.

On the topic of feminism, and how it relates to the issues of us Hapas, it is partially responsible for the increasing number of WMAF couples being spawned today in ever-greater numbers. This is because feminism corrupts white women, causing conservative white males to feel distrought by them. This causes them to marry and breed with the women of foreign races, including asian women. The white male who is weak will let himself be defeated by feminism and let it corrupt his race's women, and will thus seek other race's women because it is easier.


My position on race can most accurately be described as race realist. First and foremost, I belive in the fundamental differences, both biologically and socially, between the human races. This of course, implies that I belive that race exists, as I do and as race does. The different human races can be compared to the different breeds of dogs, and are simply a testament to evolutionary biology. I believe firmly that it is much less-than-ideal that two or more races co-habit the same country or society (multiracialism) as this almost always leads to conflict and violence, simply because of the tribalist nature of humans.

As an extention, I firmly oppose the genetic mixing of races (race-mixing or miscegenation) as it generates offspring who lose the concept of racial identity that their parents had and thus have a hard time fitting in with any society. It is a gross foresakement of one's offspring to race-mix, and for one to do so believing that there are absolutely no consequences whatsoever is for one to have an extremely large amount of faith in the doctrine of multiculturalism and multiracialism, and to deny the reality and significance of race and the impact it will have on the offspring.

Black Lives Matter

This group is a (now openly) terrorist group that is meant to oppose issues that don't even exist. Every single one of the people this group protests for, blocks traffic for, loots stores for, kills policemen for, has been a criminal, just like these people. They are criminals protesting in support of other criminals.

2016 US Presidential Election

I have supported Donald Trump's run for the president of the US since he announced it. I think he is the candidate that is the most right wing and will steer the country in a better direction both domestically and with foreign policy. His daringness to appose and demolish political correctness at such a high level in American society is astonishing and nothing short of amazing.

Syrian Civil War

I support the side of Russia and the legitimate government of Syria, headed by president Bashar al-Assad. The rebels, unlike what the media will tell you, are not "moderate freedom fighters", they are terrorist jihadis and are no better than ISIS. Keep in mind these groups, along with ISIS and countless other islamist groups are directly funded by western countries, Turkey, and the terrorist states of Saudi Arabia and Israel, among others. What is happening now in Syria is the same that happened in Libya a few years ago, and in Iraq. The deposition of SECULAR governments in the middle east and the replacement of them with fundamentalist islamist governments.