By: eurasianon (

The true plight of the Eurasians/Hapas

The inherited, natural gift, or rather blessing, of all people on the earth of cultural and ethnic heritage and identity is perhaps one of the few things that could break every social boundary, better than any liberal diversity policy ever could. It seems as though every person, with disregard to their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender, etc. can look up to and cherish their heritage. Because it is something seemingly so universal, it is not a surprise that there are those who take their heritage for granted, and like spoiled children taking for granted their immence affluency, there are people who choose not to cherish. And it is this valuable thing that such people believe to be useless and pointless. And it is this foolish belief that leads such people to drop their heritage in place of something they believe to be more valuable.

A foolish person will never know what they have until it is gone.

But as the previously implied action, its co-conspirators will never know the effects of. But that doesn't mean that nothing will be lost, every action has its consequences, and somebody will suffer from it. Said victims of a crime not only tolerated, but celebrated by our society, a crime not commited in the streets with a gun or knife, yet one I believe to be just as severe, are the offsprings of miscegenation, who become the exceptions to the seemingly universality of heritage and cultural identity.

The progressive, liberal societies of the modern-day west in which many of us Hapas live will tell us that things like cultural and ethnic heritage and identity are obsolete antiques of a past that never was, and that people like us are the inevitable future of mankind - that the future of the greatest species to ever walk the earth will one day be reduced to a mass of mixed, amalgulated and virtually identical people void of any sence of unique national, ethnic or culture identity. There will only be the nation of the earth, and the ethnicity and culture of mankind - any previous diversity that once existed is removed - and of course, to top it all off, a massive distopian one-world state. Of course, this degeneration to the death of human freedom and diversity will be applauded and celebrated. And in the end, with its most prosperous days behind it, the human race would finally die without fulfilling its full potential.

Such a hell is a world I never wish to see, nor do I wish my descendants to see. The death of western civilization that is currently taking place now will be nothing in comparison to the death of mankind. So it is a world I would do anything in my power to prevent. Often such beliefs and desires to prevent a mono-race of human slaves to a few rich men are what lead people to nationalism, the belief that human diversity should be preserved with each race and ethnicity in their respective countries, and that the traditions and culture of an ethnicity should also be preserved. As cultural and ethnic heritage and identity are universal to all but the mixed-raced, so to is nationalism. There is no way a Hapa, or any mixed-raced person for that matter, could call himself a nationalist; what is his nation? Who are his people? What is his culture? Where is his homeland? These questions are the true plight of every Hapa person.

As much as any Hapa could say "I am White" or "I am Asian", both statements are not, and will never be true.

The truth is that our identity lies not in the East nor the West, and it never could lie in those places. What our identity is, what is could be, or what it is to be is in our hands - it is in our control. Our plight may be a current condition, but it is nothing we cannot overcome. The current situation as I described it is grim for all Hapa people, but through strength, struggle and initiative we will solve our plight. The Hapa people will only suffer and be weak for as long as we allow it.