By: eurasianon ( - 5/9/16

/r/hapas is the enemy of all Hapas

Reddit's /r/hapas subreddit has grown massive in recent times. What also is news is that its moderation recently quadrupled in size, a reaction to the large amount of power and influence it has amassed. But it is this power that is the problem with the largest internet community of Hapas. And what exactly is this power that the board, and by extension, those who run it? It is the power to control and influence thoughts and opinions.

/r/hapas is a subreddit of reddit, a site known to be a liberal and politically correct hellhole - this is not limited to just a few of its subreddits. So it is simply natural inheritance that one of its subreddit - /r/hapas in particular - has a political platform that is a reflection thereof, and one need only read a few thread titles of /r/hapas for this to be evident to them. But what is it exactly that enforces this platform? Theoretically, there should be nothing to enforce any platform but the truth, which may be revealed through meticulous debate, inquiry and discussion.

/r/hapas boasts to promote and include all three of these things. They believe they are the bastion of free thought with regard to all Hapa issues, both real and made up, in a world where nobody is willing to talk about them, the reasons being that perhaps Hapas are a irrelevant minority - a single spectator in the massive stadium of western politics - or that perhaps the evil white man oppresses all, and his racism silences and downplays any issues related to Hapas that ever become relevant.

But these beliefs and boastings are nothing but a facade of propaganda. Such a facade paints this board's loudest mouths of complaining and bitching, and so-called "discussions" that happen to contain every bit of SJW rhetoric and liberal buzzword known to man, as thought the board itself were not a Hapa board, but a feminist board or similar, as brave warriors fighting social injustice and racism, as they dare to stand up to the evil white man and his oppressive ways.

What lies behind the facade is a much different story. But what lies at the heart or centerpiece of this community one can easily find in any internet-based liberal community based on an identity of some sort (for example, the LGBT community, the feminist community, and so on) - accusations of oppression. In fact, this is what these communities thrive on - it is the sole reason for their existence. This ideology of accusations of oppression, and the reaction of such by resisting or opposing such oppression, whether it exists or not, is found repeated in all of these communities. The entirety of reddit and tumblr, or wherever these communities may reside, all compete to see who is the most oppressed by the white cis heterosexual conservative male - the oppression olympics, if you will.

The way this platform is accepted and preached in /r/hapas without any opposition or objection of any kind, even of the smallest kind, is by the moderation's control of the public opinion, discourse and discussion. Any kind of dissenting opinion or opinion that otherwise does not fit the narrative that is the centerpiece of this board is censored and the thought criminals who dared to type such opinions are banned. The ringleader of this board, and primary preserver of its platform and rhetoric is EurasianTiger, who banned my account after two posts, and accused me of being white on a purely political basis (half of the board did the latter, actually; monkey see monkey do). And I'm not the only one, there have been tons of other users banned for the same reason.

So, /r/hapas preaches a "truth" that is based upon the exact same principles and rhetoric as the "truth" that feminists, gays, blacks, or any other group that claims mass systematic oppression exists against them. And it is these things that define what our identity as Hapas is, at least with respect to the board. /r/hapas enters us, the Hapa people, into the oppression olympics as yet another team competing for the title of most oppressed. And in this competition we compete with all the other groups, in exactly the same way as them. We become just like them, because /r/hapas portrays us just like them, and at the center of this community lies the same principles and rhetoric as these groups. Hapas are nothing more than just another oppressed group.

/r/hapas, as previously mentioned, has amassed a large amount of power in the ways previously described and its influence grows as its amount of users grows, and this growth equates to further propagation of their political platform and rhetoric. This board is now so large, that it is only a matter of time before every Hapa stumbles upon it and reads it. In just a short amount of time, we, all Hapas, could see our identity sold out to the oppression olympics by the sheer amount of our brothers and sisters who buy into the narrative of /r/hapas. Our identity will be sold out to be portrayed as a group of weak, pathetic, people who complain about their problems just as much as they complain about the people who want to solve them.

This is not the identity I want our people to adopt. This is not the group of people I, and likely many others, want to be. And if the Hapas /r/hapas has already subjugated were to see the truth of what /r/hapas is really doing to us, then they would most certainly agree. We are being sold out, and soon, it will be too late before /r/hapas has polluted our image beyond repair.

The only solution to this massive problem, the largest impediment to the true advancement of our people, is the complete destruction and disassembly of the contraption that /r/hapas has built. In order to counter it, we need to establish an opposing internet community with opposing principles and an opposing platform. It is imperative that we win the hearts and minds of our fellow Hapas through this community and the outreach thereof. I do not believe it will be an easy task, but I do believe that the outcome will be worth the sacrifice, and that our struggles and eventual triumph will make us all stronger.