By: eurasianon ( - 5/16/16

The True Source of White/Asian Miscegenation

Understanding the miscegenation of the White and Asian races are an important part of understanding the Hapa plight, for it is these relationships and eventual acts of miscegenation that bring Hapas into this world. Though the topic is not without controversy, because, as I will show, it is a topic that can be very political in nature.

The left-wing Hapa school of thought, which permeates /r/hapas, reddit's Hapa community, also the largest on the internet, will argue that the origin of White/Asian miscegenation is internalized racism and "white supremacy". They, like every left-wing group, will use the universal liberal scapegoat of the evil White man. According to the left-wing Hapa narrative, every conservative White male who miscegenations with an Asian woman is a white supremacist who fetishizes Asian women, and wants to expand his White dominance and superiority by mixing with foreign women. This narrative also argues that every Asian woman who miscegenates with White men a person who hates her race, hates Asian men, sees herself as inferior and sees White men as superior, or a master race. This all ties into the grand liberal narrative that White people are Satan incarnate, who designed their societies to oppress minorities, wrote laws to oppress minorities and wrote culture itself just for the purpose of oppressing minorities.

The reality is that these arguments presented by the left-wing Hapa school of thought are made primarily of half truths, or truths that are dependent on some other factor that they conveniently leave out. There are three main factors the contribute to miscegenation in Western/White countries. The first one is immigration. The second one is decriminalization of miscegenation. The third one is forced desegregation.

1. Immigration

What the leftist Hapa narrative never seems to address is how Asians got into Western countries in the first place. Logically, miscegenation, and all the nasty things they claim to be associated with White/Asian miscegenation, cannot occur if Asians are not present in the countries and societies of the White people. So how do they become present? Immigration.

In the United States, for much of history, immigration was based on quotas that were higher for some areas and lower for others. For example, prior to the Immigration Act of 1965, immigration quotas favored European countries more than other parts of the world. Is this because the evil Americans are racist, and don't want what the deem "subhumans" in their country? No. America was founded and built by Europeans, its culture heavily influenced by European culture. Therefore, it is only natural that European people would best integrate and assimilate into American society and culture, and would thus be the most beneficial. The country could not just take in people from everywhere because they felt like it, America had to somehow benefit from the immigration.

After the Immigration Act of 1965, immigration based on country of origin was abolished. This meant that people from other parts of the world other that Europe began to enter the country too. This meant a much larger influx of Asian immigrants. So this is how the Asians, now the catalyst of miscegenation, got to the country.

2. Decriminalization of miscegenation

For most of history in Western countries, miscegenation and interracial marriage was prohibited by law. So White/Asian miscegenation obviously could not occur, since it was against the law. Loving v. Virginia ended anti-miscegenation laws in the United States, but only legally. Most of the population fiercely opposed it. The issue of miscegenation at this point in time was more than a legal one, it was a cultural and societal one, opposed by most people. This is heavily related to the final factor of White/Asian miscegenation.

3. Forced desegregation

Humans are by nature tribal animals. We all prefer to be with our own kind - that is why I am a Hapa nationalist. The idea that all kinds of people ought to be with their own, live with their own, practice the traditions and beliefs of their own and breed with their own, was an idea that was not crazy for almost all of human history. Why? Because of the evil White man who doesn't want to live with "subhumans"? No, because it is human nature - it is natural, and we cannot escape it.

But escaping it was something that would have to take place far beyond the sphere of influence of laws and governments, but within the sphere of culture and society. In the United States, the latter half of the 20th century saw the collapse of this fact. What could bring down the acceptance of a fact of nature itself? It was not the people. A majority of the American people at the time opposed the mixing of racial groups, Blacks and Whites alike. Even while Blacks like Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for equal rights, many still believed that different people should stick with their own, because it is human nature. It is human nature to be tribal and self-segregate.

The forced desegregation of all aspects of American life was a so-called "political movement" propped up largely by media and the government. While the government passed laws that defied nature's iron law of tribalism, the media slowly, but surely convinced the population to follow the same defiance. The result, or at least the desired result, was a post-racial society.

So I have shown the three main factors that contribute to White/Asian miscegenation. I want every liberal or left-wing Hapa to look at all three of these disagreements, and point to which side the evil conservative White male was on every single time - this is incredibly easy. If said White man wants to dominate and assert his superiority on Asian women, then why has, in all three disagreements, said White man stood in opposition to the side that would allow him to do so. Said White man opposed non-White immigration, opposed the decriminalization of miscegenation and opposed forced desegregation, three things that are necessary for him to dominate and assert his superiority on Asian women.

This here is why the left-wing Hapa school of thought's argument that White/Asian miscegenation is a result of racism and "White supremacy" can no longer support itself. Because it has been ANTI-racist legislature, and ANTI-racist cultural and political movements that have enabled miscegenation to occur. In analyzing the source of their argument, and digging deeper into their assumptions, and exposing things that are necessary for miscegenation in the first place, their entire narrative regarding White/Asian (particularly WMAF) miscegenation in Western countries has been shown to be complete bullshit.