By: eurasianon (

/r/hapas successfully attacked hard, gaining the hatred of several other subreddits

The cesspit of liberalism, marxism and self-hatred, seeking command of the hearts and minds of our people, /r/hapas, has, in the past few days, been the target of a very thorough and massive attack. The attack has resulted in a growing negative reputation of the board across reddit, with many users being banned from subreddits for claiming to be a Hapa. These cannot be seen as attacks against our people as a hole, but as attacks against a cancer the plagues our people purpetrated by /r/hapas. It is a reminder to the board, and its lost owners and moderators, that /r/hapas will NOT last forever, and in fact, should not last for long.

The day of /r/hapas' death will be a day of celebration for all Hapas, for it will be a day both an enemy from outside and a cancer from within were defeated. /r/hapas' shrinking credibility and growing negative reputation will lead other Hapas only down our path, the path of freedom, pride and self-determination, and the eventual assention of our race to a prestige of greatness and glory.

I can proudly confirm to the userbase and the moderation of /r/hapas that the attacks were organized and orchestrated by members of the right wing Hapa community, whose diligence, strength and numbers grow with every passing day. Also, let it be known that /r/hapas' sentence is death, and thus campaigns against the board must continue, and will continue, until the board's unavoidable destruction.