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Eternal War with Western Society is not the Solution

"The Narrative" of Liberalism, like the Bible of Christianity, is upheld as an absolutely infallible truth and fact-based reality by its proponents and devout followers (the liberals). Should anything arise in its opposition, be it simple rhetoric or cold-hard facts, then the liberals resort to attacking it, not by attacking the facts and engaging in debate, but by name-calling and feelings-based assertions. For this reason, the poisonous worldview is extremely ideology is extremely coercive and can spread like a fire through a dead forest. Humanity's natural defense against liberalism is common sense, derived from our very human nature, but even this can often fail to withstand the brigade of liberalism, as human nature itself, no, nature itself, too is on its list of things liberalism must burn in order to establish its egalitarian "utopia".

The Narrative of Liberalism asserts we, the non-Whites, or as it calls us in its newspeak-esque political correctness, "People of Color", are the eternal assailant and target of an entirety of existence of oppression at the hands of the European male. This, like almost all of liberalism, is a lie, and one need only dig deep into history to discover that it is not the case. But it is such a grand lie, that affects millions of people, so what is the reason its perpetration?

Ultimately, this lie, like the countless other lies of liberalism, spread by our government, our media, our academia and "experts", and forced down the throats of us all, serves the grand liberal agenda. The end result of liberalism, the marxists called "a moneyless, classless utopia", the anti-racists called "a post-racial colorblind society", and the hippies called it a "world without war". Regardless of what specific sect of Liberalism calls it, they all seem to agree that this liberal endgame will be a society free of hatred, injustice, war and inequality.

The truth is that the liberal endgame seeks to establish a one-world, single state, the ultimate goal of globalism, ruled by a dystopian government straight out of 1984, with the vast majority of its population a single mono-race of brown slaves to a rich, elite few (the "1%"). Though most liberals and leftists claim to be against "the 1%", this can be easily dismissed as a lie by the fact that a very rich man named George Soros funds major liberal/left wing organizations (such as BLM), rallies and protests.

Liberalism is such a fragile worldview, that it takes not even ideological opposition to see straight through its "narrative" and lies, and George Soros is one of ten thousand examples of this.

So, this lie perpetrated by "the Narrative" of Liberalism, stating that us non-Whites are eternally oppressed at the hands of the evil White male, by extension states that the only way for us to solve our massive amounts of problems and issues, from Black poverty and crime to our people's issues regarding being mixed-raced, is for our people, along with every other non-White, is to engage in massive, systematic, and neverending war with western society itself, as it states that it, a construct of the White race and European culture and history, purposely was designed from the bottom up to oppress us in every single way that it can.

How can any sane man look at this proposition without believing it to be absurd? "The Narrative" tells us that Western society was designed by the White male for the sole purpose of oppression of non-Whites? From it's philosophy rooted in ancient Greece to its scientific achievements to the proud, accomplished nations of Europe and North America? Each of these things, designed with oppression of non-Whites in mind, so that we may toil day and night on the eternal plantation for our White overlords?

But Liberalism is a very diverse ideology. Many diverse people, with different needs, different situations and different conditions subscribe to it. Thus "the Narrative" cannot be applied to each of these different groups equally, it adapts and changes form for each.

The left wing Hapa narrative, embodied in the userbase and moderation of /r/hapas, currently with a monopoly on the minds of our people, itself a derivative of "the Narrative" of Liberalism, adapts "the Narrative" to fit the situations and issues of our people, much like how BLM and the Feminists adapt it to fit theirs. It states that every issue that our people face, in some way, can be traced back to the evil White man.

In fact, the alleged situation, and thus the alleged solution of the problems, of our people is in many ways comparable to that of the other groups in subscription to Liberalism and "the Narrative". The left-wing Hapas claim mass oppression against our people at the hands of the evil, White, conservative male, much like the liberal Blacks, the feminists, the gays, and so on. Isn't it strange how the situation of our people is allegedly so similar to that of so many other groups, that our single common enemy is exactly the same? In reality, this is absurd. We are a very different group compared to the feminists, the Blacks and the gays, so how can our needs, and the solutions to our issues, being nearly exactly the same as theirs (eternal war with western society)? It is because "the Narrative" tells us so!

You see, men like Soros are using Liberalism, and its propagation through "the Narrative", to control us, like they are using it to control the others too, so that they can achieve their goal of global slavery. Through their hand of Liberalism, they are trying to convince humanity to abandon its past, to trash its morals, and to defy nature itself, for this is what the ideology and worldview of Liberalism is, and once these are defeated, Soros and men like him can build their global "egalitarian socialist utopia free of hate, intolerance and evil".

So for us, the Hapa people, our eternal scapegoat, the White male, is nothing but a distraction. We are told by "the Narrative" that he is the devil to further the Liberal agenda and make the aforementioned global slavery a reality. Once we as a people realize that we do not need the Whites and they do not need us, we will truly be able to solve our issues, and the moment that happens will provide the Hapa people more liberation than years of "liberalism" ever could.