By: eurasianon (

A Call for a Monolithic Hapa Identity

To the Hapa, the issues regarding identity, from racial, to ethnic, to national, are by far the most pressing and urgent. The importance of identity of these natures, and its affects on life in general cannot be understated. But for the Hapa, it is the issue of identity that can be very troubling. For it is these kinds of identities that the Hapa is denied by his birth from miscegenation, and although the Hapa can easily put his head in the sand regarding identity, nothing of that nature can change the reality of the troubling situation of the Hapa's identity.

Today, we have little to call a true "Hapa Identity". Most of what Hapas consider to be their identity is just lumped into the identities of either Whites or Asians, or often both or sometimes neither. In short, there is nothing unique the Hapa has to call his own regarding identity. But the concern in this cannot be ignored, for the Hapa who claims to be White is no different from any other non-White who were to do the same, as the Hapa who claims to be Asian is no different from any other non-Asian who were to do the same.

The reality is that the Hapa is not White, and he is not Asian. Time and time again, has it been shown that the Hapa is rejected by both his White side and his Asian side, and thus is the unique problem faced by mixed-race people. Regardless of what we think, or rather what we want to think, the Whites will always see us as either Asian or only half White, while the Asians will always see us as either White or only half Asian. To hang on to either the White side or the Asian side is delusional, as it is clear that neither side wants anything to do with us!

Perhaps it is not the reality that is the problem, but apathy towards the entire concept of identity, especially racial, ethnic or national, bred by the nihilist, modernist, consumer-capitalist society in which we live. But even if the Hapa personally chooses to take up an identity that is not "pure White" or "pure Asian", there is still potential for a problem, again, one unique to mixed-race people. So, what of the Hapa who identifies as both White and Asian?

I personally think Hapas like this can be compared to people who think they are of both genders, or "identify" as such. Though, unlike the "non-gender binary" person, whose condition is brought on by mental illness or decadent propaganda, such a Hapa's condition is the result of the unique situation of being born mixed-race, and thus is much more understandable. Nonetheless, the Hapa who identifies as both of his parents' races is still on the wrong path, and this, just as that a Hapa who identifies as either White or Asian is on the wrong path, can be proven by the simple observation that, once again, neither side wants anything to do with us, and likely the aforementioned apathy as well.

As for the Hapa who identifies as neither White nor Asian, his position is much closer to the reality. It is this reality that most of us Hapas stumble upon ourselves eventually, and any Hapa who hasn't yet is bound to.

But knowing and understanding this reality is only half of a much larger battle, as the implications of this reality are extremely detrimental to the Hapa.

To any human, things such as racial, ethnic or national identity are very important. This is simply because of the existence of tribalism, which is a fundamental part of our human nature. Tribalism, regardless of whether we are willing to admit it, or are willing to call it by its name, is what lays the basis for human societies all across the world. So in a world of tribalism, the Hapa, who must jump in head first without a "tribe", is isolated and troubled. In a world of races, the Hapa has none. In a world of ethnicities, he has none. In a world of nations, he has none. How can anyone not see the problem here?

So, if this is the problem, then what is the solution? Supplementation. We must ask ourselves a simple question: "Where is it that we lack?". The answer too, is a simple one: identity. So we must supplement the identity we lost with a new identity. A legitimate identity just for Hapas, one that consists of Hapas, and Hapas alone, and every Hapa, and one that cannot reject any Hapa for any reason. An identity that can lend a hand to the Hapa isolated in a world that does not want him, in a world in which he does not fit. A tribe for the Hapa who is otherwise tribeless.

But the most important feature of this Hapa identity is that it will allow us to break away from our mixed and fractured origins, birthed in the flames of miscegenation, that leave the Hapa too, mixed and fractured. A mixed identity, as I have mentioned above, is unideal for the Hapa. In the stead of mixture and fracture, the Hapa identity will boast unity and wholesomeness. The Hapa identity will be monolithic, so that all of its members see themselves as fully a part of it, not "partially this" and "partially that", "Fully Hapa".

To the Hapa who is skeptical, while your position is understandable, understand what this is a choice between. It is a choice between rejection, always being unable to belong, always feeling torn between two entirely different worlds, and being "tribeless" a and the solution to every one of the issues regarding identity that the Hapa faces, and finally having a "tribe" to call our own, while previously we have had nothing of the sort! Why stand still in our suffering and just take it, choosing inaction out of convenience, when we can come together and solve each of our issues ourselves, and return to the Hapa everything he so deserves!