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What the Asians really think of us Hapas

For long has the narrative regarding Hapas pushed by the establishment of /r/hapas, who claim in every respect to be infalliable proponents of our people and the our people's situation and condition, so eagerly pushed the Hapa into the same group as the Asians. They have always never hesitated to consider "Hapa" just a subset of "Asian", as if the two separate groups were not separate at all. This entire concept is supported, they say, by the Asian people being much more willing to accept us, and integrate us, as one of their own, than the White people. Is this claim true, or is it just a cover to deter the Hapa from seeking his own path, independent of both the Asians and the Whites?

The White people, regardless of country or nationality, all nearly unanimously reject the Hapa as one of their own. Despite, in most cases, being half White, the Hapa is still given the cold shoulder. This is a fact not disputed. Not even /r/hapas disputes it. Though, I believe, that this is done by them to create polarization against the Whites within the Hapa, in order to turn him to the Asians. But does the same not apply to the Asians? The Hapa is just as much White as he is Asian, and according to many on /r/hapas, the Hapa and the Asian are one in the same, brethren, allies, kin. All joining arms in the struggle against global White supremacy and racism?

How shattering to the worldview of a Hapa who holds such a consensus would it be to find out that this isn't true in the slightest! I can only imagine, right OneRealHapa?

Actually it looks like I don't have to! For now, I, and the entirety of the Hapa people, can see with our own eyes. Hapas, behold, at what the Asians truly think about us.

These screencaps come from a thread posted to /r/aznidentity, the Asian identitarian stronghold of Reddit. According to the narrative of /r/hapas, any Hapa would be very welcome here, to share his experiences and dwell in brotherhood with his Asian comrades, together trapped in the eternal struggle against bigotry and racism. But the reality is enough to blow the minds and crush the hearts of Hapas who believe such, like a sentence of death to the wrongly convicted.

This user, 888rising, who appears to be somewhat influential around these parts, poses a question to his fellow Asians, wonder whether or not they should want to have anything to do with us. The massive and unmistakable pro-Asian tendencise of the /r/hapas establishment would tell us that this is a silly question. Of course, the answer would be yes. Right? Aren't the Asians our comrades?

No? What a suprise. This Asian user doesn't consider us one of them, regardless of with whom we identify. He then goes on to call us "pheonotypically mangled" says we "very often" look like we "got down syndrome". Wait, though. Don't be such a white supremacist. Surely the sentiment of this singular Asian doesn't represent the sentiment of the Asian community as a whole. I'm sure the rest are willing to welcome us with open arms.

No again? What this Asian user describes is effectively a con-job, in which Asians "use the ones [Hapas] who are really needy" and "toss them aside when we don't need them". This con-man then says to "Milk them for every ounce of contribution they have in them", and "when they absolutely cannot do anymore, just let them be", reiterating what he said before. Hapas, this Asian con-man, who is supposedly our ally, describes in detail conning us into being the useful idiots of the Asians - dogs to do their bidding, and be discarded and disposed of once no longer of any use. And it is this con that the establishment of /r/hapas has been pushing on us all since day one! Hapas, the narrative of /r/hapas tells us that this Asian con-man is our ally, our brother, our kin, our comrade.

How can any Hapa with an ounce of self-repsect buy this anymore? We are being conned into being pawns of some other race, and the ringleaders of /r/hapas, including the boss, EurasianTiger, and other influential users as OneRealHapa, have been facilitating it the entire time. Now, whether that facilitation is conscience and purposeful collaboration, or the result of stupidity, ignorance and weakness, I cannot determine, but regardless, the moderation class of /r/hapas and their followers are the ones to blame. Who else could be responsible for this gross discrepency in the narrative vs. the reality, than none other than the perpetrators said narrative?

I am not angry, nor am I suprised. I, along with the other Hapas out their who are conscient to these issues, and who aren't sheep listening to whoever says the things that sound nice, rendering their head in the sand, have known this was the case all along. For long have I waited for cold hard evidence to prove this, and today were our people blessed with just the evidence needed to create winds or resistence and rebellion against the /r/hapas establishments, whose yoke have we toiled under and whose lies we have gobbled up. And the fallout is already evident.

Shortly after this massive red pill was dropped on the people of /r/hapas in the form of a thread entitled "What full asian males really think about hapas", user 888rising showed up in the thread. What resulted was a massive amount of damage control. This Asian user, realizing that his kennel of Hapa dogs was revolting, desperately tried to re-win the approval of the Hapas, thankfully, with no success. Even another Asian user showed up, and entered massive damage control mode, also, with damning results.

I think this massive scandal has planted the seeds of revolt within the Hapa people of /r/hapas, but what we must understand, is who is to blame for this. While on the surface, it appears to be the Asians, who are, now, so clearly taking advantage of us, I think who is the most at fault are the collaborators in /r/hapas, who told us the Asians were our allies. For had they never tricked the Hapa people into believing in this con-job, then we would not be in this situation in the first place. Our real enemies are any of the Hapas among us whole appologize for or continue to collaborate with the Asians, who have now been exposed as con-men wooing the Hapas into submission, to be used like animals and then discarded.

After these recent events, there are many Hapas who are feeling betrayed, but I am not one of them. The Asians, I knew, were never our allies, they were never our brothers. They were always another enemy, just like the Whites, or any other group for that matter. Who is really to be blamed are the traitors, the collaborators. I hate a traitor among our own ranks far more than I hate an enemy at the gates.