The 8-Point Program of Hapa Nationalism

  1. Establishment of an independent and unique racial, ethnic and cultural identity for the Eurasian/Hapa people.
  2. The separation and liberation of Eurasian/Hapa people from the societies of Europeans and Asians.
  3. Formation of a large internet community of Eurasian/Hapa people, so that we may better communicate and discuss among our own kind.
  4. Promotion of conservatism, morals and traditional values, and elimination of degeneracy, nihilism and cultural marxism, among our people.
  5. Promotion of pride, positivity and faith in our people, and elimination of shame, self-hatred and self-pity among our poeple.
  6. Dedication to defending Eurasian/Hapa life.
  7. Global criminalization of miscegenation.
  8. Establishment of an independent Eurasian/Hapa ethnostate.